Robert P. Ward

In your time of trouble, you can rely on Robert P. Ward. The size of his firm allows Mr. Ward to tailor his representation to you and your needs, while still possessing the resources to devote himself entirely to your legal care.

Mr. Ward understands that the relationship between attorney and client is key. With Mr. Ward, you are not passed around a firm – you will deal with only one indivual dedicated to helping you. Both previous and current clients have come to appreciate this personal treatment, which sets Mr. Ward apart from other legal practices.

Robert P. Ward received his JD from Fordham University Law School in 1976. Since then, Mr. Ward has gone from strength building a reputation in the legal sphere. He recognizes that legal matters can seem both daunting and complex; therefore he does not use legal jargon when dealing with clients. Instead, he will explain aspects of the legal process in plain and simple terms – guiding you through your legal problems in the most stress-free manner possible.

Prior to his legal career, Robert P. Ward served his country in the United States Marine Corps. If you make it his duty to defend you, Robert will do so to the very best of his ability. In the Marine Corps, dedication to honor and duty is paramount with Marines constantly striving to achieve success. These are qualities that Mr. Ward applies in his legal career, striving for success in every case and dedication to every client.