Client Reviews

Traffic Violation

I was in a minor accident and issue a citation for reckless driving. I was not at fault, but was told “someone had to be issued a ticket.” (I was struck while making a right turn. The other driver went around a turning truck and merged back into the lane without looking to see my car was there.) I was very nervous going into court, but Mr. Ward was very reassuring. His confidence and presence made me feel at ease, knowing I had someone on my side. He was there to plead “Not Guilty” with me then went to talk with the prosecutor and issuing police officer privately. When he returned, Mr. Ward let me know that he managed to get the matter dropped completely with no points on my license or any other penalty. I’m not sure what happened in the private meeting, but I’m glad I had an experienced attorney who knew who to talk to to get such a meeting and was able to handle things. It was the best possible outcome and I have Mr. Ward to thank for it!

- (5 star review)